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Like any other academic write-up, tourism dissertation also scares students in the last year of their studies. However, there is no escape from this creepy thing, since it is now mandatory to obtain your degree. Therefore, there is anything like escaping in your mind, you better let it escape from your mind because you can’t run away from dissertation. However, you can hire the services of professional writers who usually work very efficiently.

Need Help for Topic Selection?

Selection of appropriate travel and tourism dissertation topics indeed requires lots of efforts and time, since the chosen topic not only needs to be appealing to you, but to your supervisor as well. Furthermore, it should be a recent one on which not much work has been done till the time you choose it. It simply means you better find a title that can cover the latest information easily available at local resources and online places or else you will have to go through hard time to dig out old sources of information which are usually not available at online places.

Some Examples for Dissertation Topics in Tourism

As there is a lot of tourism sub-divisions, you can find plenty of topics for your academic project, starting from medical tourism, ecotourism, and traveling, till dark tourism and educational tourism, etc.

Ecotourism Dissertation Titles

The field of tourism that relates social matters along with ecology is called ecotourism. Here are some potential dissertation titles from this domain for you.

  • Behavioral pattern of English tourists while visiting Scotland.
  • Development of new ecotourism sites such as Edinburgh.
  • Effect of ecotourism on buying power of tourists.
  • Commercial benefits of promoting ecotourism.
  • Ratio of ecotourism in different countries around the world.
  • Impact of travel and tourism fairs on tourists’ visits.
  • How to encourage ecotourism.

Dark Tourism Dissertation Titles

This sub-field (also called grief tourism) includes paying touring visits to terrifying, dangerous, disaster-stricken and scary places. Some examples of dissertation topics in this area are listed below.

  • Economic benefits of dark tourism.
  • Tourists’ interest in visiting dark tourism sites.
  • Ways to encourage grief tourism.
  • Comparison of real versus artificial dark tourism sites.
  • Creating new places of grief tourism.

Though We Have Given Examples from Two Sub-Fields Only, You Will Find Several Other Good Examples in Other Domains of Tourism As Well.


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