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Before beginning with an economics dissertation, the most troublesome step for majority of students is the selection of suitable topic. Thinking about a topic which is easily workable and researchable is quite difficult for students, and they decide to step back; though this is simply impossible as dissertation submission is a mandatory part of any degree program.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Topic

While you are searching for economics dissertation topics, there are a few things that need to be taken care of if you really want to stay focused on your dissertation.

  • Ensure the topic is of your interest – the first thing that you need to check is whether the topic fascinates you or not. If it is not, you may tend to lose your concentration from your research with the passage of time. But if it attracts your attention, you can complete it successfully, no matter how difficult it becomes in the later stages.
  • The topic must have workability – Your chosen economics dissertation titles must have the potential to be researched, and should cover a recent topic of the field. You need to select such a theme which easily gets approved by your supervisor; it is possible only when it is still left to be worked upon.

Confused About Selection of Dissertation Theme?

Global Monetary Problems May Serve As ABetter Topic for Your Economic Dissertation!

As the scope of economics has now widened to cover the issues related to anthropology, geography, and social affairs, etc., you will surely find several interesting topics with this progressive perspective. In turn, you will also be able to add something new to the available information.

Financial Economics

Financial economics links with macroeconomics to give an overall idea about the financial status of a country. Here are some suggested titles for your economics dissertation:

  • Impact of interest rates on FTSE
  • How does capital inflows affect the developing markets?
  • Effects of changes in FSTE 100 on economic development
  • A study of behavioural finance.
  • Capital asset pricing model (CAPM): application on FTSE 100

Employment Economic

This field is focused on employment and its related issues. It deals with the relationship between employment opportunities and social lifestyle of citizens.A few interesting examples are mentioned below:

  • Rise and fall in jobopenings in UK.
  • Self-employment enhancing factors in UK.
  • Influence of technological developments on employment.
  • Requirements for labour in UK.
  • Nationwide policies supporting self-employment.
  • Influence of immigrations on employment opportunities.

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